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Charlotte visits Astor College in Dover

Today I visited Astor College along with friend and fellow Labour campaigner, Dover District Councillor Ann Napier, who represents Maxton, Elms Vale and Priory Ward in Dover. We were asked to talk about why – especially as women – we because involved in politics, the different levels of UK government and give some ‘truths’ on the state of current international relations.

25 students from Astor College were hosting 25 visiting students from Belgium and what a treat it was to address the students from both countries in this most important of weeks where Brexit discussions continue to boil and we also celebrate 100 years since women were allowed by law to stand for parliament.

The students asked loads of great questions, ranging from ‘Will Brexit really happen?’ to ‘What do I think happens next / What does 2019 hold?,’ to ‘What do [I] really think of Theresa May?’

On the last question I had to admit that whilst I have a lot of respect for Mrs May’s temerity and steeliness in response to what could be construed as recent bully-boy tactics from some in her own party, I didn’t think we’d have much in common nor could I imagine her cracking too many jokes or witticisms over dinner. Still, should a dinner invite arrive from Number 10, I’d have to attend just to to tell her the truth about child poverty, universal credit failures and ask her to tell Dominic Raab just where Dover is.

I’m sure the great students at Astor would have a lot to tell Mrs May too.