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Deal M&S Closure – Open Letter to the Chief Executive of M&S

I’ve written an open letter to Marks and Spencer’s Chief Executive today urging him to reconsider the plans to close the store in Deal.

There are 45 jobs at risk and this store, in a healthy & happy High Street, still offers lots to both the community and the business itself.

High Street closures have become a feature under Tory-austerity Britain. Of course times are changing and the way we shop and use resources is changing too. We need a Labour Party in government now with a bold plan for business rates and a vision to make town centres community hubs that bring people together, rather than drive them away.

Labour has lots of ideas for making our High Streets healthy again, including banning ATM charges and stopping the closure of bank branches and post offices.

With Labour’s plans for free public WIFI in town centres and free bus travel for under-25s, we want to make town centres real, functioning destinations for the 21st century & encourage start-up enterprise. This will be helped by a complete overhaul of the broken business rates system.

Read more about Labour’s plans for our High Streets here.

Read my letter below: