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The Gift of Education

Education should be a gift to be passed on from generation to generation. However; the government of today has seen fit to treble the cost of tuition. This cost is a factor in almost every individual’s deciding whether they attend university or not. Whether you want to be a nurse, a teacher, or a banker your costs are the same regardless of your potential earnings. There are absolutely no concessions, even if you are taking a course enabling you to work in public service.

The costs involved also have a psychological burden, I will potentially be starting my working life owing the state £50,000! The fact that I only need to start paying it off when my earnings reach the threshold does not detract from the fact that I will owe £50,000, a figure I would find hard to ignore in whatever financial decisions I make in the future.

If we are truly to move on as a nation and develop the kind of economy politicians are so fond of talking about – the hi-tech and innovative new economy – education is key. To talk about this bold and ambitious vision of the future is futile when placing hurdles in front of the very people who need to embrace this vision. I don’t understand the Tories: it is bad enough that their test-obsessed policy for secondary education lets so many people down, but the people who leap their academic hurdles are then punished with these tuition fees. It’s almost as if they want us all to fail!

The Labour party will abolish tuition fees and create a National Education Service, opening educational opportunities to everybody.


Hamish Napier, 15yo