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Universal Credit: the Tories have lost the plot

The six to eight week wait for Universal Credit is driving people to foodbanks, just to keep their heads above water whilst they wait for payments to come their way. In a recent Kent Online article, Cllr Peter Wallace rightly calls out Amber Rudd for the disastrous policy which has led to an increase in referrals to foodbanks by 52% compared to areas with no Universal Credit rollout.

But why should we expect someone like Amber Rudd to have any idea what it is like to live anywhere close to the bread line? Rudd, the daughter of a stockbroker and magistrate, is also a direct descendent of Charles II, and attended a number of highly sought-after private schools.  The idea that she or any of her fellow Conservatives would have any idea what it is like to be chased by gas companies for unpaid bills, or take out an emergency loan to cover a leaky roof, is laughable.

In the Labour party we know what it’s like to deal with rising living costs and flat-lining wages. Labour will ensure a £10 minimum wage to help working people and families, and will reform and redesign Universal Credit, ending six-week delays in payment. We will also remove the tories’ disgusting and humiliating ‘rape clause’ , whereby single parents wishing to claim child tax credits for a third child would have to prove that the third child was born as a result of non-consensual sex.